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Great product variety – outstanding logistics performance

As a strategic sales partner, we can supply all the lubricants of the Mabanol brand. All products are listed in our Vienna warehouse, which means that you can depend on prompt availability at all times.

Almost all products are available in the container sizes that you prefer, from the 1-litre retail container to the IBC 1,000-litre IBC. And thanks to tried-and-tested quality standards, loose goods can also be supplied to your storage tank. AUSTROLUB is your perfect partner for smooth and efficient order processing.

Strong service for satisfied customers

If you have any questions relating to all aspects of lubricants, our technical team is ready for you with help and advice. Complicated industrial applications are precisely the areas in which we attach great importance to the quality of advice. If you wish, our engineers would be happy to visit your company, help you overcome technical challenges and develop with you a concept for efficient lubricant use.